Cllr Mahole Simon Mofokeng Executive Mayor, Sedibeng District Municipality I welcome both the Leadership of all regions in Gauteng and the staff of our visiting municipalities to the Sedibeng region. We are proud to be the host of the 8th Annual SALGA OR Tambo Inter-Municipal Games. Municipalities from across Gauteng will be competing in a variety of sporting activities on the 24 October 2014. The preparations for this year’s games have gone according to plan while staff from the municipalities across Gauteng have been practicing and preparing themselves in the last few months, in their different sporting codes.


The Internal Municipal games are named after the anti-apartheid activist Oliver Reginald Tambo who also celebrated his birthday during the month of October. Born five years after the birth of the ANC, Oliver Reginald Tambo spent most of his life serving in the struggle against apartheid. The Sedibeng District Municipality is also home to the late Adelaide Tambo, wife to the late OR Tambo.


The Inter-Municipal games have been in existence since 2006. As always the OR Tambo Games includes activities such as soccer, volleyball, netball, table tennis, cycling, road running, walking and darts to mention a few. Mind games such as chess and morabaraba are also played for those who enjoy tactical and analytic challenges.


In the 20 years of democracy, the relationships between the municipalities in Gauteng continue to cultivate a culture of sport. This culture must go beyond workers to the communities we serve. The OR Games are aimed at inculcating the culture of wellness and healthy lifestyles to the communities of Sedibeng and that of Gauteng as a whole.


The Sedibeng District Municipality is not new to hosting the OR Games. We hosted them in 2009, the year in which the fourth administration of the democratic government just got into Office.


Sport contributes to social cohesion and nation-building. At the grassroots or community level, sport is seen to provide a way of creating an environment in which people can come together to work towards the same goal, show respect for others and share space and equipment. The OR Tambo Games is a shining example of this and it is the duty of all municipal leaders and workers of Gauteng to remain at the forefront of unity and cohesion.


Sport, as a form of interaction and relationship building, will forever be part of the Gauteng province. In 2016, when the Sedibeng District Municipality officially becomes a Metropolitan River City as part of the Gauteng Global City Region, the OR Tambo Games will be celebrating the 10th anniversary existence.


Let us engage in these games in a disciplined and cohesive manner.


Forward with the OR Tambo Games, forward!


Cllr Mahole Simon Mofokeng
Executive Mayor
Sedibeng District Municipality

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